The “mehr als wohnen” building cooperative is developing a new (urban) quarter on the Hunziker site in Zurich-Leutschenbach. Since the building site is a place without evolved structures and its own identity, phase 1 of the art and building project “more than art” focused on the fallow land and the dialogue with residents currently living on and around the site. The team of curators Grillo/Wagner concentrated on temporary participative and dialogical art projects. Parallel to the projects, a blog was initiated, which is maintained by Karin Freitag. The second project phase focused on the dialogue between architecture and art. The “Social Urban Zone” is an attempt to enhance the public space with targeted, minimal architectural interventions. The unusual “Trinkbrunnen” (drinking fountain) by conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin from Atelier für Sonderaufgaben is the first and central intervention of an overall system in which the given maxims of “more than art” are reflected in the “more than living” project and put to the test. In spring 2014, two further minimal architectural interventions were implemented. All three measures are conceptually linked and are the subject of a complete test setup.