The property “Am Mühlenberg” was developed in the 1950s in the typical style of post-war modernism. All of a sudden, a group of free-standing housing blocks, which are surrounded by extensive green areas, rises in-between the neighbouring block edge development dating from the Wilhelminian period. The generous but undefined public space between the buildings allows neither urbanity nor privacy to develop and therefore remains largely unused. The existing buildings remain both comprehensible and functional. On the one hand, the project creates new living space within the inner periphery of Berlin and, on the other hand, modernises an “aging” residential area, which will lead to a mixing and rejuvenation of the local population. The size and cubature of the new buildings are based on the solitary character of the apartment blocks. The building heights make reference to the adjacent development or result from urban planning considerations to frame the streetscape. The readability of the existing road network is strengthened and clearly defined public outdoor areas and new courtyard situations are created, where semi-public and private uses are possible.